Looking for a personalised approach to content writing? How about a transparent price structure and bespoke packages to suit your vision? Have a look at the services on offer and get in touch for a free consultation where we can discuss your needs!

content writing packages

Publishing industry-specific articles on your website or social media is a great way to grow brand awareness and stay current. Thoughtful content pieces will establish you as an authority in your industry.

I have experience writing articles on complex legal and financial topics for firms in the UK. I am comfortable researching difficult concepts and translating them into engaging content for a wide range of audiences. So let’s work together and get you noticed!

Article (Brief)

This package works best if you already have an idea and outline in mind for your content. You will give me the topic you’d like me to write about, a few pointers, your desired word count, any keywords you’d like me to include, and your deadline. I will:

  • Come up with an attractive headline for the article
  • Draft the content based on your brief
  • Create a social media ‘sell’ for your article; a social media ‘sell’ is a snappy sentence you can use to promote your content
  • Offer a free round of revisions to ensure your content is up to your standards

Article (Original)

This package works best if you would like an article for your website but aren’t sure what topic would work best. I will:

  • Schedule a free consultation to discuss your content needs, or, if you prefer, discuss your requirements via email
  • Research the latest trends and publications within your industry
  • Come up with evergreen and/or topical ideas for your content
  • Pitch my article ideas to you via email and get started once you select the content you’d like me to produce
  • Research and draft an article, create an engaging headline, and use keywords to attract the right audience
  • Come up with an appropriate social media sell (as above)
  • Offer one round of revisions to ensure the work meets your standards

Type GBP (£) per word USD ($) per word
Article (Brief) 0.100.15
Article (Original) 0.20 0.30

bespoke content packages

Do you have any other content requirements? While I specialise in articles, I can write a wide range of content for your website. Whether you’re looking for someone to rewrite your outdated copy or write your content from scratch, I can help!

In the interest of transparency, my rates start at £0.10 per word but I will always give you an exact quote in your preferred currency before commencing any work.

If you’d like to discuss a bespoke content package, just get in touch using the form below or at We can schedule a free, no-obligation consultation and discuss your vision.