My name is Stela and I’d like to be a journalist one day. This blog is one small step towards achieving my dream!

I was born in Bulgaria, raised in the UAE, and currently live in the Netherlands. I left my first job at an international education non-profit organisation to travel and pursue an MA in Journalism at Sheffield University starting September 2018.

In June, I will be spending a month in Ireland, discovering Dublin and the Dingle Peninsula. In July and August, I’ll be in Bulgaria, travelling and visiting family and friends.  I will also be blogging about things I am passionate about as I try to launch this blog.

About this Blog 

This blog is meant to be a collection of thoughtful opinion pieces on issues of global importance. So far, I've looked at press freedom and protecting medical facilities in conflict zones. It may take me a while to publish new things, but that is because I like to focus on in-depth, quality research and writing.

Apart from the more serious topics, I will be creating a travelogue to cover my adventures, and I will have separate sections to comment on more light hearted topics as well.

Thank you for visiting, and please stick around! You can follow me on Social Media and subscribe to be notified of new blog posts. If you enjoy my work and want to support me, the best way to do it is by engaging with the content 🙂